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At Media Engine we have a passion for constructing brands that express a company’s identity and personality.

Branding Overview

A good brand is essential to running a better business. It is both the face and personality of a company, and it tells your target market who you are and what kind of business you operate.

We create brands around a number of theories that we believe are vital to creating a successful logo and brand. The logo design should consider shape, colour, tone, line, simplicity and good typography. All of these elements are important to creating an amazing logo. The logo is then complimented by brand elements that will remain consistent throughout the rest of a company’s materials. This may be a supporting graphic, regular use of a particular font or a pattern that is used as a background.

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Style Guides

Developing a good brand is one thing, but maintaining that brand is another. That is where style guides come in. A style guide is technically a rule book and manual to maintaining a consistency with the brand and making sure that the brand is used in the correct way.

All of our style guides include by default: logo usage, logo variations, logo misuse, exlcusion zones, minimum size, primary and secondary colour palettes (PMS, CMYK, RGB and Hex values), typography, websafe typography and common brand elements (if applicable).

From there a style guide will begin to vary from company to company depending on the brand's requirements and the budget of its development. This may include items such as stationery guidelines, uniform recommendations, advertising guidelines, signage specifications, etc.

We recommend a style guide to all of our branding clients.

Launch Strategies

Depending on the circumstances of the branding project, it may be important to consider the brand’s launch strategy. A brand can either be released immediately, gradually, or can have a planned release taking advantage of hype and anticipation. If it is a new company, then it is usually an immediate release due to budget and the urgency to get the business running.

Some companies require an evolution of a brand and therefore have the ability to gradually reveal the new brand in all of their materials. This tactic can be advantageous in maintaining a current client base by slowly introducing them to the new brand. This is a safe approach, but will also gradually bring in new clients or customers over time.

A companies target market may change, or it may undergo a merger, or it may want to have a high impact. This kind of approach requires the most time and planning in preparing a scheduled brand launch. This method utilises anticipation to draw high numbers of clients/customers in one swift stroke. Most planned launches like this will often take up to months of planning and preparing for the day of the launch and therefore require a larger budget, dedication and patience to accomplish the desired effect.

We suggest a planned launch if it is within our client’s budget and time constraints. If you are interested in discussing your launch get in touch with one of our Accounts Managers today.

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