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Designing for anything printed is one of our favourite aspects of graphic design. Just being able to hold a physical object in our hands that represents our creative hard work is such a satisfying feeling at the end of a project.

Our talented team of designers are nuts about layout and grids, they love fonts and consider typography their best friend. There is nothing they prefer more than a design that challenges them and gives them a chance to show off their creative flare.

All project briefs are evaluated by an Accounts Manager who then translates it to the design team. All of our creative work is checked over by a Creative Director to ensure that the design work is of high standards and adheres to the client's brand guidelines.

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Annual Reports

Annual reports are your opportunity to give something back to your investors and members that they can hold in their hands. The annual report not only informs investors of the past year’s projects and financial activities, it also gives you an opportunity to show them what kind of company you run. A well presented annual report is inviting and presents the company with a positive image.

When we work on an annual report we make sure everything is presentable. If we are given the opportunity to redraw a diagram or redesign a chart, we will. All content should be not only informative it should be interesting to look at, as this draws the reader’s attention to the important content.

Annual reports only come once a year, so make it special.

Corporate Literature

Corporate literature includes all other informative reading that isn’t covered by annual reports. This may include either an investment or school prospectus, guidelines document, fact sheets, information packs, capability statements, and virtually anything else that is an informative resource.

We try to explore unique and interesting options with all forms of corporate literature by introducing print processes that you may not have thought of. This may be something simple such as a UV Varnish on the front cover or something more custom featuring alternative paper stocks or folding techniques. We recommend companies to take the plunge and try something different and out-of-the-box.

Just like annual reports, our designers love designing graphs, charts and tables in interesting and creative ways that make interpreting information a positive experience.

Brochures & Flyers

Our design team loves working on brochures and flyers, as they offer us so many opportunities to break the mold and challenge ourselves to explore new possibilities in brochure design.

Brochures and flyers are a form of promotional material and are put in place to help invite others to your company. Unlike annual reports or corporate literature, brochures and flyers can come in any shape and size. They can fold in or out, open like a book, tear open or tear out, have custom stocks or be housed in a box, the options are virtually endless.


Products are nothing without packaging. Our design team is very talented in packaging design having produced packaging in a number of different industries, from confectionery and product packaging to fashion and clothing packaging. We design to any specifications that are provided to us, or we can conceptualise fresh and new ways of packaging your product.

This also includes the development, conceptualisation and design of promotional items for corporate events. Such items may include branded bags, pens, travel bottles, clothing, USB devices, gift packs and much more. Whether you have an idea or would like us to come up with one for you, we can design something that will produce you results.

Signage & Exhibitions

When your customers, clients and investors come to find you at one of your premises, the first thing they will look for is a building with the branding they recognise from your website or business card. Because every brand is different, it will always suit an entirely different method of signage as well as utilising carefully selected materials. As a creative agency, we recognise the potential in every signage project we work on, which ultimately gives you the best result imaginable.

We also develop, design and supply exhibition kits. From a very cost efficient yet presentable exhibit display wall and pullup banners, to fully customised exhibition fit outs we will provide a great result. Exhibition design can also apply to office fitouts as well as exhibitions and conferences. Every company headquarters is as much an exhibition of the company’s capabilities as an exhibition itself.

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