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The aesthetic design and layout of a website is one the most important features. Not only does the look and feel need to adhere to your companies branding restrictions, it needs to be user friendly and cutting edge. At Media Engine we prioritise the individual parts of a website in the following order:

  1. Design and Appearance - is it appealling, convey the correct message and compliment the brand?
  2. Navigation and Functionality - is it easy to find what you want and does it load quickly?
  3. Content and Features - is it rich in useful content and does it provide helpful features?

Features that we can include in our website designs include website search functions, enquiry forms, galleries, javascript popups, animations, slideshows, directories, Google maps, events calendars and even custom plugins. There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to web design and development.

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Content Management Systems

The key feature of most Media Engine designed websites is the implementation of a Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to maintain the content on your own website. Our CMS websites can be simple and easy to manage, or advanced and powerful depending on how much control you would like over your website.

Basic functions of our Content Management System include:

  1. Easy-to-use frontend login and admin menu.
  2. The ability to edit content on the website from any browser on any computer with an internet connection.
  3. Add and remove news, blog articles or gallery image on the fly without having to use a third party company.

Advanced functions that Content Management System can include:

  1. Easy-to-use backend login and full website control panel.
  2. View online enquiry or form submissions and export to a MS Excel compliant format.
  3. Track website statistics, page hits, page referrals and user statistics.
  4. Add entire pages and generate menu item links.
  5. Add additional administrators and website manager accounts.

Other benefits of our CMS websites is that they allow for future expansion easily, giving us the ability to add new features and plugins without any compromise to the design of the entire website.

E-Commerce Websites

Our e-commerce websites can feature one of two systems, either a one page order form or a full scale shopping cart system. Our one page order forms simply take a customers order then email it through to you, then all invoicing and processing is handled later at your end. Our shopping cart systems allow absolute control over catagories, products, tax, shipping, user accounts, product images, order history, stock level control, order status, statistics and much more.

Our shopping cart system by default uses Paypal as it’s primary system allowing shoppers to pay via credit card directly into your Paypal account. The system can be upgraded at any time to feature a payment gateway.

The shopping cart system is state-of-the-art utilising latest advancements in web, such as AJAX and Javascript encouraging a faster and friendlier shopping experience for the customer.

Web and Email Hosting

The advantage of having your website designed and developed through Media Engine is that you can choose to use your own hosting or use our hosting plans. If you are interested in hosting with Media Engine, we can provide you with an up front quote for a monthly payment plan based on your requirements and needs.

Our hosting service utilises a dedicated server, meaning that only Media Engine clients run their websites on our machine. The result is a safer environment for your website, an impressively faster website, and best of all it is setup the way we want it to be setup giving us complete control over system settings that better suit our websites.

Any website hosted with Media Engine also includes email hosting as well, saving you costs and keeping your emails and website hosting together as a single package.

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