Online Jungle Campaign

Online Jungle Campaign

Client: Trustico
Created: Tuesday, 08 June 2010 05:40
Category: Advertising

trustico-standThe idea behind this advertisement campaign is protection for websites using SSL certificates, especially for e-commerce websites. SSL certificates are very secure, yet discreet means of protecting websites from unwanted intruders. Therefore the advert was designed to have a series of camouflaged army men within the jungle protecting a website displayed on a computer screen. This suggests that Trustico® has a strong security system that works silently behind the website rather than on the website.

The camouflaged army men form an interactive element, making the viewer search for all of the camouflaged men in the jungle. Several at the front are made obvious to help convey the main message of the advert, and then the rest are hidden within the environment.

trustico-mag1The byline of the advert is "Deep in the online jungle Trustico® provides 24/7 security for your website." This refers to the internet as being an online jungle, suggesting that the internet is a vast and dangerous place. It also states that Trustico® is a force that never rests to ensure it's clients security.

CSS Design Award