We Make The Process Simple

We Make The Process Simple

Client: Nagrom
Created: Friday, 06 July 2012 10:14
Category: Advertising

This advert was designed for Nagrom The Mineral Processors to promote their services at a gold mining convention. The advert was to relate directly to other companies that specialise in the gold mining industry and was to be used in both magazine publications as well as digital formats such as ipad apps, etc.

We decided to pursue the word 'Process' both for its specificity in regards to what Nagrom does, as well as its double meaning. The final result was "At Nagrom, we make the process simple." Not only does it immediately reveal Nagrom's field of expertise, it also tells the audience that Nagrom provides an uncomplicated service taking away the hassles of mineral processing.

The photographic manipulation is a visual representation of this. Rather than using imagery of the machinery and equipment typically used to process gold, we've created a simple medieval contraption made of a pulley system and giant mortar and pestle. To finalise the visual, a work is shown operating the device with a simple arm gesture in an almost casual manner. Along with the clean monotone background, this almost creates a visually simple and clean concept that compliments the tagline and overall message of the advertisement.


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