Mulder Kampman Branding

Mulder Kampman Branding

Client: Mulder Kampman Designs
Created: Friday, 02 July 2010 08:46
Category: Branding

mulderkampman01Mulder Kampman Designs is an architectural design firm that required a fresh and new brand update to celebrate the arrival of their new co-owner.

We developed a branding suite that makes strong use of dynamic angles, all of which are set to either 90 degree or 45 degree angles. By restricting all design elements to these two fundamental angles it tells their clients that Mulder Kampman Designs are not only a innovative and dynamic choice, but that they are also a safe choice.

The choice of colour scheme relates to the Bauhaus movement, which is famous for architectural achievements, innovations in art and design, and use of simple and modern form.

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