Truck Controller Game

Truck Controller Game

Client: Rio Tinto
Created: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 05:55
Category: Online Software

rio-game-02To compliment the Rio Tinto "Mine of the Future" website, Media Engine was asked to create an online game featuring their state-of-the-art driverless trucks. As the player you take control of truck starting at one end of the map and the objective is to navigate to the Rio Tinto warehouse at the other end of the map.

The game features a total of eight levels each unlockable by completing the previous stage successfully. Upon the completion of all eight levels the player is given the opportunity to enter their name and be entered into the leaderboard. The top five on the leaderboard can be viewed directly from the main menu of the game, and from there the player can view the top two hundred.

As a result, the game is simple yet highly addictive that even the Media Engine staff couldn't stop playing it.


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