Kinetic Corporate Photography

Kinetic Corporate Photography

Client: Kinetic Health
Created: Tuesday, 15 March 2011 09:44
Category: Photography

After the merging of Prime Health and Gemini Medical into Kinetic Health, the new launch required new photography for the new brand. Media Engine provided studio lit photography of several staff and models selected by the client. 

The selection of photography ranged from posed shots to photos of actual services in practice by the staff, such as health and safety practices, massage, injury recovery training, etc. As well as photography of actual people, Media Engine also organised and produced photography of various physical items to be used as a privately used Kinetic Health stock library that included photos of test containers, needles, first aid kits, bandages, calculators, scales, tape measures, stethoscopes, blood pressure equipment and other various items used with the medical industry.

After the photos were shot, they were then colour corrected, retouched and deepetched ready for use on all of Kinetic Health's branded materials.

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