Australian Skin Cancer Website

Australian Skin Cancer Website

Client: Australian Skin Cancer Clinics
Created: Wednesday, 30 November 2011 06:47
Category: Web Design

Following Australian Skin Cancer Clinics new brand, Media Engine created a new website that is both modern and exciting. The website breaks the conventional straight and square layout by incorporating a smooth and illustrative design. Not only does this set Australian Skin Cancer Clinics apart from the rest of the skin cancer industry, it also projects the friendly and welcoming vibe that sums up the company's attitude towards customer care.

Apart from the websites very unique and illustrative design, the website incorporates several content rich features including: an interactive map displaying all of the clinics in Australia, online career registration form, online enquiry form and a website search function.

Another very important part of the website, located on the home page, is a sliding series of skin cancer facts. These facts are immediately present on the home page when the user first views the website, informing them quickly about the dangers of skin cancer.

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