KI Group Website

KI Group Website

Client: KI Group
Created: Monday, 15 December 2014 05:32
Category: Web Design

kigroup-web1As part of KI Group's brand evolution, Media Engine was tasked with producing a fresh new website designed to attract recruits and companies requiring recruiting services. The final design features a scrolling home page that is responsive according to the screen width and height of the visitor.

The website also features an easy-to-update job vacancy page that can be managed by staff from within KI Group. The job vacancy page also auto populates content into the job application form on the website to reduce the amount of information required by the applicant.

The KI Group website also contains a mini-site for their KI Training and Assessing page, which includes some advanced features such as a calendar system, which ties into their course outlines. Visitors can also register online for any of the courses, which once again uses pre-populated content from the course page that they previously visited.

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