MOTF Website

MOTF Website

Client: Rio Tinto
Created: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 07:55
Category: Web Design

To compliment the advertisement campaign for the Rio Tinto "Mine of the Future" campaign, Media Engine was asked to create a promotional microsite that portrayed the company as futuristic and forward thinking.

To create the desired effect, we created a website that features an interactive sphere menu that when certain elements are selected the website opens up new content. When the mouse is moved around the website, the sphere appears to move three dimensionally giving the impression that it is actually rotating on an axis. To create this effect that would normally require flash to accomplish, we used sophisticated and clever javascript making the website even viewable on devices such as iPad and iPhone.

On top of the unique navigation system, we were also required to create an online truck control game where users can complete in getting the highest score. The website also has an easily updated careers opportunities section listing all of the possible jobs people can apply for.

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