Tina Shawal Photography

Tina Shawal Photography

Client: Tina Shawal Photography
Created: Tuesday, 19 July 2011 03:20
Category: Web Design

The Tina Shawal Photography website is a HTML and Javascript based website featuring state of the art non-flash animation techniques, as well as an extremely funky website design.

The home page, about page, gallery page, pricing page and contact page are actually all on the one page and seemlessly shift in and out of view once the buttons are clicked. As the page smoothly slides down it follows a line that helps tell a story and process. It has some really nice touches such as a custom contact form that looks as if it is written on a note pad, and also features form validation to avoid unwanted spammers.

Also included is a fantastic and easy to update blogging page that allows Tina to upload new photos and tell her fans different news. It also features a very powerful client proofing system that allows her to upload images in bulk backend and allows her clients to tag which photos they want to get printed or appear in their albums. It then has an album proofer that simulates what the album will look like once printed.

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